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Cryptography is a personal hobby of mine and recently I’ve become interested in the 340 cipher. I realised as I was working on the cipher that I had an issue in distinguishing between potential letters and the existing cipher symbols. As a means to combat this and to help with my and others work on the cipher I am designing and building a tool that allows the user to use colour to distinguish interesting patterns and similarities.

Below are three mock-ups of the tool as it stands. The main design issue I had was that any layout had to not distract from working with multiple colours within the cipher itself, but to still produce a clear and concise way of visually presenting the results and stats.

The project is still in the early stages of development as I’m ironing out a couple of jQuery issues but my progress can be seen here. The tool works by clicking on a symbol, you can then change change the colour (enter a hex code without the '#') or try a letter.

Please note that this tool was designed to be used on a 1920 x 1080 screen so may not present well on smaller screens as the responsive element has not yet been produced.

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- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Custom HTML, CSS & jQuery

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